C.S. Lewis had the imaginative vision to place a lion, a witch, and a secret world within a wardrobe, of all places. With a little ambitious creativity (and a budget surplus) any of us can make this a possibility in our own homes (well, sans the lion and the witch). A hidden room can be a perfect solution if your place has an awkwardly situated room, you’d like to build an additional access to your basement, or if you’ve just always dreamed of having a “secret passageway”…why not? After all…wouldn’t a secret space be scrumptious?

Secret spiral stairs: descend into a hidden space (wine seller, man or kid cave, etc.) under your kitchen. Photo:

Secret Passageway: a bookcase disguises an awkwardly situated room…and it’s so cool, too! Photo:

Secret Wardrobe: spark your kids’ imagination by using a wardrobe as a hidden doorway into their playroom (and also hide their kid-klutter!).  Photo:

See more secret spaces under the stairs and behind fairy doors.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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