Mother nature is a clever girl. Just take a little stroll outside in a garden, park, or right in your own backyard and you’ll see why. With a multitude of colors, textures, sights and smells ranging from dynamic to dainty, there’s always that temptation to take and possess it for our own personal pleasure. Well, today’s DIY project allows us to leave “Mom” alone, yet set a little of her beauty in stone by taking an impression of one (or several) of her glorious leaves. How clever!

DIY Garden Leaf Stone idea: Charlotte Bladh via, Photo: Ann Evenius


  • Garden leaf or leaves (NOTE: you can take fallen leaves or prune from a favorite tree or bush…or you can gently bend a leaf or branch of leaves for temporary use)
  • 12″ Cardboard cylinder
  • 25 lb. bag of concrete mix
  • hand saw
  • cooking oil
  • plastic sheeting (or plastic wrap)

For full how-to instructions, visit:

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