There’s something special about a room that immediately says “Welcome.” It’s typically well-worn, with an over-time and thoughtfully decorated sensibility, seemingly hugging us upon entering. Today’s “Design Candy” walks us through several different rooms from several different homes, all possessing a warmness and “je ne sais quoi” quality that’s both cozy and quaint. Get ready for a decor cuddle!

{Living Room}: vintage and repurposed tables and shelving work wonderfully with white. Note the quirkiness of the accessories in the corner and on the cabinet. Source:

{Kitchen}: copper and tourquoise set the foundation for colorful cups and plates that are ever so inviting. Source:

{Bedroom}: bold and subtle prints dress this bed in layers and against the white, these colors create a space that’s perfect for songwriting. Source:

{Guest Room}: warm jewel tones and a mix of patterns in the bedding and rug oozes warmth and “stay-a-while” charm. Source:

{Sitting Nook}: worn-wood furniture and shelving coupled with white accessories and a vintage daybed all cozy up together perfectly. Source:

{Bathroom}: if the vintage green is the star, then the country shelving, pedistal sink, and cream accessories are certainly the back-up singers. Source:

{Backyard}: you’ll be taking a nap with ‘Mother Nature’ amidst a pile of vibrant pillows layed upon colorful quilts, and perfectly bug-free under a citron-yellow mosquito net. Source:

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