Who knew such a seemingly minor piece of furniture could mean so much to us? The nightstand is the “butler” of all stands, always by our side, drawers full of essentials, and nearby at the ready with a good book (or iPad), a cool glass of water, and a lamp that’s situated just an arms reach away. It’s easy to see how something so small can offer such big returns, so why not honor this “Mr. French” of decor with a creative twist like these nifty nightstand below.

Step ladder stand-its rustic and utilitarian style are both practical and chic. Source: via

White suitcase stand: perfect for a guestroom, this repurPoshed suitcase painted white smacks of hospitality and warmth. Source:

Tool chest stand: set atop a swivel chair base, this repurposed tool chest makes for a whimsical accent with a masculine nod. Source: via

Stool stand: painted to match the room’s decor and topped with a piece of round tempered glass, this is just sweet and simple. Source:

Ladder stand: great for small spaces, the rungs are great for draping books, jewelry, and clothes, and a clip-light will do just fine. Source:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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