Whomever emerged from the design and architecture school of “it’s in the details”, please stand up. You deserve a round of applause for thoughtfully and structurally embedding what many of us so absolutely desire in our homes: character. From woodwork, moldings, and baseboards to cove and trey ceilings, there is a clear personality that naturally exists when these wonderful elements are present. Then there are the oh-so-spectacular nooks. I once lived in a house that had a telephone nook…perfect for message pads, pencils, phone books and phones that used to plug into the wall. My mom’s favorite nook would be the window seat; a space to cuddle up in a pile of pillows and read as the sun poured its warmth all over us.

Unfortunately, not all dwellings contain such cozy crannies, but there are some fantastic ways to get around this decor dilemma. Check out these crafty cubbyholes DIY’d from some very creative designers. The solutions are certainly doable, so with a little “get-to-it” gumption, your home’s charm and presence can surely be kicked up a notch…or is it nook?

Bed nook. Source: via, designer: Emily Henderson

{Bed Nook}: though this once awkward space was designed into the original structure of the house, it wasn’t well positioned. With some design savvy, a guest room has emerged. The chandelier and off-center artwork add elegance and balance to a seemingly crooked nook.

Closet nook. Source:

{Closet Nook}: after all the spring cleaning, you may find a newly emptied closet to renovate into a sweet and solo sitting nook. Great for kids, or one adult to snuggle up with a book or iPad, the cute wall and fabric colors as well as the lantern-style light fixture just invite us to stay a while. Click on image for how-to.

High nook. Source:

{High Nook}: Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself in a “head-scratcher” situation when it comes to those high cubby-type nooks in your bedrooms or living rooms. Now there is a solution to the dust-catchers…paint, add lighting, and a sturdy attached ladder for your little ones to while away the afternoon in their secret high space. Tip: add a latched Dutch-swing door for peace of mind.

Painted Nook. Source:

{Painted Nook}: here’s a clever way to create the illusion of a nook. Just paint one! Perfect for small spaces, the added color definitely hollers “Character!”.

Outdoor dining nook. Source:

{Outdoor Dining Nook}: a carport is ingeniously repurposed into a cozy and charming dining nook. Because of its full-coverage roof, the furniture placed here is well-protected and adds valuable square footage to your living experience.

{Extra Candy}: here’s a nursery nook that’s actually a closet space just for baby.

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