There’s an old world appeal to cast iron, but it’s not often the first material we think of when it comes to creating tablescapes. Because of its weighty presence, this molded metal may seem a bit too heavy to place amongst our delicate chinaware and glasses. The following ideas may just change your mind, though, and even inspire you to seek out similar character-heavy decor items that might just pleasantly surprise your epicurean guests. Oh, goodie!

White cast iron urn on decorated table

White cast iron urn. Source:

{White cast iron urn}: painted white, cast iron offers antique class that can be quite light and showy when filled with colorful accessories, fruit, or flowers.

Cast iron choral chandelier

Cast iron choral chandelier. Source: Elle Decor by Roger Davies

{Cast iron chandelier}: coral and modern, there’s no doubt its boldness and “center of attention” attitude was created on purpose.

cast iron owl parts

Cast iron owls bits. Source:

{Cast iron owl bits}: home decor shouldn’t take itself too seriously, and with these ode to Mr. Potato Head owl bits (where you can choose any type of fruit you wish to adorn), you’ll have guests hooting with delight.

Cast iron "Eat" sign

Cast iron “Eat” sign. Source:

{Cast iron “EAT” sign}: talk about whimsy and adding a touch of vintage! These fun placards show off your attention to detail.

cast iron table top

Cast iron table top. Source:

{Cast iron table}: what better way to include cast iron for your tablescape than having it BE your table? Who said we should only decorate on top? The aged and wabi sabi weathering of this beautiful mobile table, filled with your favorite books and accessories (or anything you wish), will require minimal decor topside.

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