Home decor is no different than music, food, or fashion…trends emerge, are expanded on, and often ignite new “spins” on the original idea. Hence, today’s “Design Candy”, where we see how signs have found there way off the streets and into our homes. From the hand-crafted to industrial ingenuity, these magnificent marques, that emit loads of personality and character, are certainly en vogue…strike a pose.

Sign wall. Source: via

{Sign Wall}: vintage wood signs make for a fabulous feature wall…and because of it’s graphic nature, it adds an architectural quality to your space.

Nerd. Source: OhDierLiving, etsy

{Nerd}: talk about personalizing your space! This humorous hand-crafted sign makes for a fantastic wall art piece.

Repurposed signs. Source:

{Repurposed signs}: road signs are reinvented into industrial-cool stair railings, showing off the home-owner’s ingenuous design savvy.

DIY chalkboard embroidery hoops. Source:

{DIY Chalkboard Embroidery Hoops}: these sweet and simple hand-crafted signs are accessible to us all, and such a clever party detail.

Here comes the sun. Source: OhDierLiving, etsy

{Here Comes the Sun}: this sign shines without lights, and illustrates (literally and figuratively) how we can add a spark of personality to any space.

Wood letter. Source: SecondNatureWoodwork, etsy

{Wood Letters}: rustic, reclaimed, and really personalized…a single letter done right is a true character-builder for your backyard or home studio decor. (Note: I might be a little biased, but this one’s my favie!)

Travel. Source: Mooza, etsy

{Travel}: when it comes to signage, the sky is the limit as to the materials we use and the words we wish to display.

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