Styled framed fabrics. Fun and coordinated art piece!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of collage frames, still they have their purpose. Hallways, offices, and family gallery walls adorn these photo collection-catchers. However, with the age of digital photography, printed pictures are harder to come by. Who knows why? Maybe it’s the pain of printing the exact size we need for the frame(s) we have, or not wanting to use up all our printer’s ink. Either way, updating those collage frames may never find its way to the top of our lists anymore.

The solution? Repurpose them! Just remodeled a room? Use the remnant, scrap, or sample fabric swatches to create a beautifully framed and coordinated art piece. Have love letters you’d like to enjoy more than once every spring cleaning (or longer)? Insert them as is or type out your favorite section, then hang in your bedroom for a romantic reminder. Any which way, when it comes to featuring our favorite things there’s something for everyone…I hope these capture your attention!


When it comes to framing, there’s no limit to what you can feature! Choose anything that resonates with you either personally, professionally, or aesthetically. Be creative!

Framed fabrics.

It’s amazing how artsy fabrics can look when like colors and designs are under glass. Here, an eclectic room’s fabric swatches highlights the boldness of this designer.

Framed letters.

Framed letters close-up.

This is not only a wonderful anniversary or birthday gift, it’s also a fantastic way to honor our relationships. Whether we frame love letters to our significant others, or letters received or given by our kids, this is a fun and stylish way to keep them out of the drawers.

Framed sheet music.

Framed sheet music close-up.

From Beethoven to Gaga, sheet music is graphic and deliciously cool to frame. Choose your favorite song, your wedding song (cut out sections to fill the spaces), or if you are a composer/musician, a personal piece that is meaningful to you.

Framed house keys.

Framed house keys close-up.

A great way to put those old keys to use…I love this idea from Young House Love, and thought it would work here, too! My spin was that I chronicled my life with my college to the present house keys. You can choose whatever keys you’d like…car keys, office/shop keys…whatever brings meaning to you.

…And these ideas are but a few we can try. If you’ve thought of and/or framed something fun and interesting, feel free to email me: [email protected], or post a photo on our DiggersList Facebook page.

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