(caption note: King Kong print inspired our den color.)

DIY Quick Tip:  I’ve been asked by friends and family alike…what color should I paint my living room, bathroom, bedroom wall?  Mother Nature has created a interesting challenge for us with so many colors to choose from, especially now that custom paints are the new rage.  So, where do we start?

I believe it was Nate Berkus (first, appearing on Oprah), who mentioned that, take your favorite painting, print, or poster, choose a color within the composition, and base the wall color on that.  Brilliant.  You’ve already got a piece of artwork for the room to match, and you might surprise yourself…(referring to the painting above-pulling color inspiration here) that burnt cienna (dark orange!) or  umber jewel-tone (yellowish-brown) color might look fantastic with your chocolate brown leather sectional!  It’s simple and inventive…who knew!

So, when trying to find that new wall color, check out your art gallery or shop for a new painting/print/poster that “speaks to you”.   You might just end up with two works of art!

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