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Design Materials That Stand the Test of Time

On a recent segment of The Nate Burkus Show, Nate reveals his top 6 picks for renovation building materials that are fail-safe and will go a long way in holding and increasing the value of your home.

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Nate Berkus Speaks: Refreshing & Design Quick-Tricks for Your Home

Yesterday, Oprah bid farewell to her "sweetie-pie" design go-to guy Nate Berkus. Amongst the video flashbacks of past room-makeovers, homeowner updates, and recalling memorable moments, I most noted Nate's simple room refreshing and design quick-tricks.

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Choosing a Wall Color-A Work of Art

I've been asked by friends and family alike...what color should I paint my living room, bathroom, bedroom wall? Mother Nature has created a interesting challenge for us with so many colors to choose from, especially now that custom paints are the new rage. So, where do we start?