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There’s no mistaking it. When you enter the Knox house, you know who our kids are: Krinkles and Bear-Bear. We love them with all our hearts and try to provide them the most happiest life.

Krinkles 'n Bear-Bear

Krinkles ‘n Bear-Bear…our K9 kids!

We also try and keep them healthy. After adopting Krinkles and bringing him home, we noticed he would regurgitate his food and water. We took him to the vet and were recommended a special diet and to serve his food and water in elevated bowls.

Watch How To Build a Modern Doggie Feeding Station!

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Unwittingly, we went out and purchased a plastic version with plastic bowls, soon to become Krinkles’ favorite chew toys. Ugh. I also learned that the non-destructible stainless steel versions are much healthier and can last many dogs’ lifetimes.


But, what about the raised feeder?

Well, I decided to create a version that would be easy to make, easy to clean and would fit into our  home’s decor, as well as most any style space. Here, now, are the supplies, tools and steps you’ll need to build this modern and cute doggie feeding station. We’re also delighted to be a part of Kreg’s holiday campaign, filled will all kinds of fabulous how-tos – hop on over to take a look-see!

CAUTION: recent studies have revealed that raised dog feeders could actually be a contributor to bloat in large and giant breed dogs and should be used upon veterinary recommendation only. The research findings did not specify the potential hazard for small or medium sized dogs, so, to err on the side of caution, ask your veterinarian for elevated eating advice.


(1) 2’x 4’ Pure Bond Plywood

(3) 36” x 1-¼” unfinished red oak square baluster

(1) 6’ x 1 ⅝” lattice pine moulding

(1) P60, P120 sandpaper

(1) 1/2″ spade bit

(6) 1 1/2” pocket screws

(4) clamps

(1) wood glue

(1) wood putty

(1) 1”, 1 ½” and 1 ¾” brad nails

(1) spray paint (black satin)

(1) wood stain

(6) 1″ felt pads

(8) rubber bumpers


(1) small paint brush

(1) craft paint


(2) ¼” x 2” x 3 ½” birch craft wood

(1) laser cutter (glowforge)


Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig

miter saw

hand sander


jig saw

brad nailer

Cut list:

Modern Doggie Feeding Station Cut List Diagram

(1) ⅝” x 13” x 22 ¼” (Pure Bond Plywood tabletop)

(4) 1 ¼” x 9 ⅜” (red oak baluster legs)

(2) 1 ¼” x 11 ½” (red oak baluster bottom horizontal braces)

(2) 1 ¼” x 14 ⅛” (red oak baluster diagonal braces)

(2) ¼” x 1 ⅝” x 13” (lattice pine side moulding)

(2) ¼” x 1 ⅝” x 22 ¼” (lattice pine front and back moulding)


For FULL how-to instructions, including CUT LIST, tips and photos, visit our Build a Modern Doggie Feeding Station plans on Kreg’s

Modern doggie feeding station is more like a piece of furniture

Modern doggie feeding station is more like a piece of furniture.

Graphic and modern doggie feeder

Graphic and modern doggie feeder – love the cross support braces.

When you DIY, you get to make up silly signage

When you DIY, you get to make up silly signage.

Krinkles love his new feeding station!

Krinkles love his new feeding station!

Modern doggie feeding station...check

Modern doggie feeding station…check!

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