Today’s “Blogs We Dig” takes “family affair” to a whole new level. YoungHouseLove is a fantastic blog started in 2006 by the very cute couple Sherry and John Petersik‘s desire to document their first home’s renovation. They are self-proclaimed non-DIY experts, but because of their passion and desire to learn about all things “hands-on-home”, they’ve really evolved into wonderful “anyone-can-do-it” teachers. So, we not only totally DIG the fact that they “DIYed” themselves into a fab-o reno, and are now on to house number two in Richmond, Virgina, they also named their dog Hamburger. What’s not to love?

The three things we DIG about YoungHouseLove:

1. Simple, accessible style…

is found throughout this blog, along with inspirational ideas that are doable and beautiful. We really dig how Sherry and John create fresh, delightful, and clean “looks” in every nook and cranny of the rooms they showcase.

2. Oh, so many cool “before & afters”…

with step-by-step details, “what-not-to-do’s”, and descriptive, clear easy-to-follow photos!

3. It’s a family affair…

that includes extended family, like John’s dad who joins the refurbishing fun! We really appreciate how this blog honors and celebrates family, and how, with a lot of love, patience, and passion, you can work together and create long-lasting memories by making a house into a home.

All photos courtesy of

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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