Remember constructing those totally cool shoebox dioramas back in grade school? How it took hours to color, cut out, insert, and glue in each tiny detail of your display (mine was a prehistoric replica of a T-Rex taking a bite out of the back of a stegosaurus)? My favorite part was cutting out the little peephole, then peeking inside to see what appeared to be a giant 3D version of my miniature mise en scène.

Watch the video above to see how those simple, handmade 3D days of yesteryear have jettisoned into the 21st century by means of a computer tool, provided by Design Within Reach, that allows users to create a “virtual diorama” of any room they are planning to decorate.  What’s even more fantastic, is that once you’ve configured and computer-generated your room design, you can place real furniture, rugs, mirrors, etc. from DWR or…find them at DiggersList. Coolorama!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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