Inside life-sized dollhouse…yes, you can actually climb those stairs.

Ken and Barbie could never dream of home like this, but just a short car ride north of the American border of North Dakota lies a life-sized, 1960’s abandoned and thus, inspired Dollhouse created by Heather Benning, temporary artist-in-residence for the community of Redvers, Saskatchewan. Though any doll would feel right at home, this structure is just one of many large-scale art installations Benning painstakingly constructed.

Demolition begins…notice the car behind the house for a size reference.

Cool 60’s inspired colored walls gives a “make-believe” look to this house.

The project took two summers to complete starting in 2008, and from start to finish, architecture to decor, her lilliputian perspective inspired giant results. She found the abandoned farm house left empty since 1968 and began tearing off one side entirely, cleaned up the demo-debris, re-plastered and painted the walls, installed lighting and 50’s retro furnishings, then replaced the gaping side of the house with Plexiglas for all to see inside.

The Dollhouse finished…someone forgot to turn out the lights.

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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