So, what’s with all the repurposing going on these days? Is it another design trend that’s already looking for its hat, about to exit the party in the next 15 minutes? Or, is it an evolutionary change of how we are beginning to look at our stuff, and waking up to the amazing results creative resourcefulness can produce? I’m hoping for the latter, and, with today’s “Before and After How-To”, presented by Habitat For Humanity Restore‘s Chief RePurposer, Kristii Mac, you’ll be able to make something fantastically new from something no-longer used.  Things are really looking upcycling!


1. First, take an industrial light fixture and remove the light bulb.
2. Then, unfasten the electronic fixture from the plastic light shade.  Our model had a simple clamp which released the interior metal skirt and allowed us to slip the fixture out of the light shade.

Note: The electronic fixture can easily be recycled at your local dump or metal recycler. Sometimes you can even recycle it where you bring your bottles and cans. Occasionally schools and nonprofits will have electronic recycling fund-raising events, especially as Earth Day approaches.

3. Now you are left with a durable and decorative flower pot.  There is an opalescent quality to the plastic that is radiant in sunlight.  Just add soil, a plant and water!

Note: If you live where raised beds are a must (cold climates) you can leave the bottom of the pot directly on the soil and the root systems may grow through but stay shallow in the soil. If temperature is not a concern – but rings on your concrete are – consider repurposing a plate or upside-down bowl as your drip tray.

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Riverside ReStore’s Chief RePurposer, Kristii Mac is always looking for creative and eco-savvy ways to bring new life to products that would otherwise be destined for a landfill.
For more information on the “Make Purchases with a RePurpose” program, please email [email protected]. A special thanks to our Director of Retail Operations, Cindy Tyrolt for her awesome light fixture RePurpose idea.

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