Gutter Found Cupboard Before…


Gutter found cupboard before

Gutter found cupboard before. source:

Bragging rights have to be earned. So when it comes to finding free furniture, whether it be a curbside capture, a dumpster dive, or a grandparent giveaway, the potential for a before and after boast is just too tempting to pass up (ask Matt…our backyard is starting to look a bit like a small flea market!). Let’s face it, we DIYers pride ourselves on being able to say: “I made over this (insert “diamond in the rough” furniture piece here) for only (insert 5 bucks for needed supplies or FREE here)!”. Well, today’s featured piece does not disappoint. Veteran and fellow furniture refurbisher, Kristine of the painted hive, rescues an abandoned and overworked cupboard from its very eminent city dump demise and not only gives it new life, she raises its posh potential by topping it with decoupaged gift wrapping paper. That’s just plain DIY brilliance and “trash to treasure” expertise. In other words…she’s earned the much coveted right to have free furniture makeover swagger. Work it, baby…work it!

Glamorous Nautical Cupboard After…


Glamorous nautical cupboard after

Glamorous nautical cupboard after. source:

Nautical map decoupage topper

Nautical map decoupage topper. source:

Visit the painted hive for full makeover how-to.

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