Room of the day: crafty corner

Room of the day: crafty corner. source:

I never been much of a girlie-girl. Growing up with two brothers pretty much set me on the path where catching a football won over playing with Barbies. Still, that extra x chromosome shows up now and again in giggles and swoons over rooms like this crafting corner nook. Yep. I’m a bit of a closet crafter myself, and as of recently, I’ve got loads of supplies and project bits and pieces hiding in mine. How lovely it would be to create a space where stuff had its place? What I especially admire about today’s room of the day is that clever DIYer, (and fellow Swede) Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson, put table saw to wood and built this very nice radiator cover and bench. Sitting on its edge provides the perfect seat for working at her corner craft station, neatly organized with white storage boxes all within reach. There’s nothing fussy about this space and the citron and aqua blue accents concur. My slight bit of envy will most likely motivate me to get my corner nook more organized…and, screw it, I might just go all girlie and use pinks and polka dots.

Elements of this Crafty Corner Space:

  • Excellent use of small space
  • Reclaimed square footage with radiator cover and bench
  • Smart and uniform storage boxes that visually disappear
  • Cheerful accent colors
  • Practical yet well decorated bookcase/cubby space
  • Bright location with light-allowing window covering

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