I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t appreciate functional art, especially when it’s not obvious. Today’s feature of German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn‘s answer and interpretation of storage she’s dubbed Chuck, shows us that book shelves can still surprise us. This unique system is made of six 4mm wooden floor planks mounted onto two specially designed stainless steel sleeves that can be adjusted and flexed into any number of organic-type shapes. The slightest addition or subtraction of a book or trinket creates a significant artistic effect. Here, have a look-see.

Chuck,hafriko on Vimeo.
Chuck, the Flexible Shelf

Chuck, the Flexible Shelf.

Sleek design

Sleek design.

Stainless steel sleeves

Stainless steel sleeves.

Sleeve close-up

Sleeve close-up.

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