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Wallpaper lamp shades

Wallpaper lampshades. source: drawflowers.it

Wallpaper lampshades: whether you DIY or purchase one, you’ll illuminate impressive style by way of color and pattern. Visit drawflowers.it for pricing information.

Wallpaper tray liner

Wallpaper tray liner. source: bhg.com

 Wallpaper tray liner: it’s a beautiful thing when we can use panache to disguise scratches on acrylic or stains on wooden trays. Decoupage or vinyl paper will do the trick. Jump over to bhg.com for full how-to.

Wallpaper cabinet cover-up

Wallpaper cabinet cover-up. source: redbookmag.com

Wallpaper cabinet cover-up: got glass inserts or want to up the color-factor in a cabinet? Smooth on some colorful wallpaper for that pop you want in no time. Click on over to redbookmag.com for how-to.

Wallpaper Silhouette Art

Wallpaper Silhouette Art. source: chroniclebooks.com

Wallpaper silhouette art: reuse and repurpose an old mirror frame, then honor your pet with a wallpaper remnant. Learn how at chroniclebooks.com.

Wallpaper Headboard

Wallpaper Headboard. source: etsy.com

Wallpaper headboard: for practically FREE, you can create this faux headboard and paste your way to chicness in the bedroom.  Take a look at the easy step-by-step on etsy.com.

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