When you stop and think about it, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Lite Bright, Etch A Sketch, and so many other toys were our first steps into the world of design and building.  This kid-play sparked our imaginations and creative abilities that eventually, for some, lead to ideas that actualized into real structure and form.  The following examples, which I have deemed “arkidtecture,” are kid-inspired designs that are surprisingly sophisticated and clever.

Mini Prefab Modern Play Shed

Who said a kid’s playroom has to be “cutsie”? This modern and miniturized version of “prefab” architecture can be painted, accessorized, and furnished. Talk about playing house! Photo courtesy of

Outdoor Fireplace

This outdoor fire-place retreat for tots, looking a lot like a Hershey’s Kiss, is made of reclaimed wood and pefect for s’mores and storytelling. Photo courtesy of

Hand Puppet Wallpaper

Perfect as a feature wall in a child’s bedroom or playroom, this interactive hand puppet wallpaper is whimsical, imaginative, and entertaining. Applause, applause! Photo courtesy of

12-Year-Old Kid Designed “Home Dome”

This “Home Dome”, designed by 12-year-old Max Wallack, uses minimal materials (plastic, wire tubing, and Styrofoam packing peanuts) and packs flat for easy storage and transport, a useful alternative to a real house for the homeless and victims of disaster. Video courtesy of

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