Who doesn’t love the smell of evergreen in their living room during this festive time of year?  I know I do! There’s just something so “Christmassy” about a real tree that sheds pine needles and smells like a forest, but if the pine needles and mess from a real Christmas tree aren’t for you, here are some alternative Christmas tree ideas using recycled stuff.

Christmas Tree Made from Recycled CDs

Christmas Tree made from CDs
If you have your old Nirvana and Pearl Jam CDs, you can literally have an alternative Christmas tree. 😎
Photo: Unknown

Plywood Tree

Christmas tree made out of scrap wood against a neutral colored wall.
Recycle your old scrap wood into a sturdy Christmas tree you can use for years. Add some nails so you can hang your favorite ornaments that you made out of pine cones and glitter. We know you still have them.
Photo: Unknown

Pre-fab Cardboard Christmas Trees

Prefab cardboard Christmas Trees
These trees are 3 feet in height and width. It’s a great option for college dorms, small spaces, and green-minded decorators.
Photo: ecofriend

Recycled Newspaper Christmas Trees

Christmas trees made from newspaper
This alternative to a real tree uses newspaper and could be made big or small, depending on how big your newspaper collection is. Dust it with some glitter, and you’re good to go.
Photo: Martha Stewart

Scrap Metal Made Festive

Tall Christmas tree made from junk metal.
This one may put out an eye inside your living room, but add some lights and throw this one on your lawn for that neighborhood decoration contest.
Photo: Unknown

Recycled Bicycle Parts Turned Jolly

Christmas Tree made from old Bike tires
Bicycle Tree-broken chains, flat tires, stripped gears = Extraordinary Christmas tree!
Photo: Unknown

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from beer bottles
We don’t recommend drinking this much beer to accomplish this size of an alternative Christmas Tree. Make a smaller version and invite some friends over to help instead.
Photo: Unknown

We hope you felt inspired by some of these ideas we sourced! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

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