I remember as a youngster, just about this time each year, begging my mom to drag out the Christmas box so we could decorate the house.  Inside were more boxes filled with pine cones, half-burned candles, those plastic window stick-on elves, reindeer, and snow flakes, faux wreaths, bows, trinkets, and ornaments from years past. I just loved it all. Still, we’ve come a long way since then, and today’s blog shows us how we can keep the plastic stick-ons in the 70’s and add some current and simple holiday charm to any space.

Outdoor Space

Christmas cottage in a pail. Great for small outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. This is also a great accessory to place on a bench or by the front door.

To emulate a charming forest cottage, place a small house or bird house made of natural materials into plants and succulants.

Kid’s Space

Hang a wreath on your child’s door and add holiday warmth that is unique to them.

Create a fun holiday project and have each of your kids make their own wreath infusing their specific personalities and likes.

Entryway Space

For spaces big or small, use a table to showcase a holiday scene.

Bricks are rustic and an unexpected way to create texture, height and interest.

No need to spend lots of money on holiday decorations. Books, candles, and handmade tags are fantastic design tricks and read as sophisticated and clever (pun intended!).

A repurposed table leg makes for a very inventive Christmas tree trunk. Painted and distressed, artificial branches attached, ornaments hung…charming, green, and so DiggersList!

Post written by DiggersList’s Chief Bloggerette Skaie Knox, designs by Bridget Johnson.

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