5 Simple Steps to Prep: Make Room for Holiday Guests

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One of the greatest joys of the holidays is spending time with family and friends who oftentimes come from afar.  So how can you prepare a welcoming and cozy space for your overnight guests?  With these 5 simple steps to prep, your home will be ready and able to be visited and lived in…for a short while, that is.

1. Decide which room guest(s) will occupy.  It might be a playroom, home office or a spare bedroom.

2. Clear the room of any miscellaneous items and clutter (i.e. toys, office items, extra unneeded furniture, etc.). Store these things in bins and in the garage, attic/basement, or closet. Photo courtesy of oprah.com.

3.  Next, pull out the sofa bed if you have one.  If not, a blow-up mattress is a great option.  It’s nice to make the bed the same way you would make your own. Use cozy linens, comfy pillows and plush blankets to create a bed that feels just like home. Photo courtesy of airbedwarehouse.com.

4. Provide “guest niceties”: clean towels folded nicely (and perhaps tied with a ribbon) add a special touch to place at the foot of the bed. Fresh flowers, a glowing candle, and holiday decorations are also a sure way to make someone feel both special and welcome.

5. A small basket of incidentals (water bottle, notepad and pen, magazines, alarm clock, fruit, etc.) next to the bed helps provide a hospitable stay.

Follow these simple steps to create a festive room where guests will feel as if they were right at home.

Have any other helpful “get ready for guests” tips? We’d welcome your comments!

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Written By Bridget Johnson

Bridget is a personal organizer and veteran DIYer/home decorator. She is a regular HomeJelly contributor who makes over flea market and curbside finds into unique decor pieces and inspires us to simplify our spaces with design flair. She lives in South Orange County with her fantastic cook of a husband and talented two kids.