12 Faux Fireplaces: Hang Your Stockings With Care Just About Anywhere

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Santa is a pretty clever fellow. Amongst his many talents as toy maker, elf manager, and precious parcel delivery man, his most notable gift is his uncanny ability to problem solve. How do I know this? He’s figured out ways to travel around the world in one night, squeeze himself down many a narrow chimney despite his diet of cookies and cocoa, and most of all, he’s acquired the ability to know when you are sleeping, awake, and when you’ve been bad or good. Therefore, today’s blog will no doubt be a “no-brainer” for our St. Nick, as he’ll be sure to find your stockings hung with care on these fireplaces you can create just about anywhere.

1. Staircase Fireplace (photo courtesy of bedifferentactnormal.com)

2. Branch Fireplace (photo courtesy of news.holidash.com)

3. Ladder Fireplace (photo courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com)

4. Shelf Fireplace (photo courtesy of lewishamiltonblog.com)

5. Door Fireplace (photo courtesy of flickr.com)

6. Coat Rack Fireplace (photo courtesy of seamsoflife.com)

7. Window Sill Fireplace (photo courtesy of weddingbells.ca)

8. Cabinet Fireplace (photo courtesy of waldorfmama.blogspot.com)

9. Crocs Fireplace (photo credit unknown)

10. Faux Fireplace (photo courtesy of becoming-home.com)

Note: To purchase a “faux fireplace” for your home check out these DiggersList listings:

*Cast Fireplace Mantel Fireplace Surround *Decorative Wood Fireplace Mantel *Antique Fireplace Mantles

11. Bookcase Fireplace (photo courtesy of flickr)

12. Piano Fireplace (photo courtesy of bedifferentactnormal.com)

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