In just four, seemingly very long days, youngsters all over the world will be hanging their stockings, setting out plates of cookies and milk, and readying themselves for the much awaited arrival of Santa Claus and his reindeer. Remember that excited feeling of anticipation? Well, there’s a phenomenon I discovered this past week that might just bring some of that glittery, magical wonder back into all our lives. They’re called “Urban Fairy Doors”, mini true-to-real-life architectural “knock-outs” that pop up (and almost as quickly, disappear without a forwarding address!), all over America on storefronts, inside coffee houses, office buildings and homes, delighting and mystifying children of all ages. Today’s blog offers you just a peak at 5 of these amazing pixie portals, along with what’s behind all these dinky doors; but don’t blink, they may be gone before you know it!

This “Home Fireplace Fairy Door” is located at the home of Jonathan B. Wright, founder of The traditional architectural detail of the fireplace is consistent from hearth to fairy home, including a “mouse-lion” guarding the entrance and two scrap pieces of porcelain tiles for the door stoop. Find more information on how this fairy door fireplace was built (as well as the mysterious arrival of the fairy door).

When it comes to home decor planning, urban fairies are quite sophisticated.  A curving staircase hugs a warm and welcoming sitting room with fireplace. Upstairs a balcony window allows light to gently pour into the house. Home, “sprite” home.

Apparently, some fairies have been known to fly, so this door is safely nestled high upon a brick wall, conveniently situated beneath the light hanging over this market. Previously, this door was located inside the store, underneath a window seat, but for some unknown reason, these fairies felt it was necessary to move to higher ground.

The tooth fairy appeared at this dentist’s office one day. Its design and construction abilities is quite remarkable. If you look closely, you’ll notice a “TF” insignia above the door, and if you look even closer…

…you’ll see delightful evidence of said fairy’s occupation! Love the wall paper!

This coffee house was Jonathan B. Wrights’s first sighting of a fairy door outside of his home, located in a local coffee house. Originally, there was a fairy door located outside and below the window with a sidewalk front porch. I’m assuming these fairies prefer the smell of muffins and freshly brewed coffee to exhaust and car horns. Fairies have been known to be quite refined.

Notice how the fairy door pays close attention to detail by mimicking the outside plinth with its own.

A lesson in “seeing magic in the world” is given by this curious K9 who notices the pixie place of business. Passersby have missed an opportunity to gander at this elfin gift shop‘s hidden treasures located just behind its doors…

Shop till you drop!

All photos are courtesy of Special thanks to Jonathan B. Wright for permission and education on these über urban fairy gems.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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