Digging around the internet occasionally results in finding treasures like these below.  I stumbled across several art pieces made from recycled bottles that were intriguing both in form and function. I believe pushing the “ecological envelope” in the world of art and building is always inspiring and should be encouraged as a respectable medium, as well as an efficient way to use materials that would have previously ended up as trash. Bottoms up!

“The Green Lantern” is made from a repurposed wine bottle. Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of

“Earth Tear” by Marta Thoma, was sculpted out of recycled bottles, illustrating the visual beauty of reuse. Photo courtesy of

This modern and pop-artistic take on a lounge chair was constructed out of recycled plastic bottles. Photo courtesy of

This 3D chalk art of a Coke bottle is so real-looking, one could be concerned about the size of the recyling bin it might require. Photo courtesy of

This green glass bottle Christmas tree takes advantage of recycled flip-topped beer bottles. Photo courtesy of