How to Use the Rapid Clean for the Finish Max Sprayer Like a Pro

Rapid clean for the Finish Max Sprayer1

Rapid Clean for the Finish Max Sprayer.

I was so excited when I learned that today’s sponsor, HomeRight, developed the Rapid Clean for their Finish Max Sprayer. It makes cleaning this fabulous paint spraying tool just SO much easier!

Now, I can stay outside, on my fabulous artificial turf patch, and clean away without the hassle of splattering paint all over my sink and countertops.

Plus, there’s no need to plug it in! Yikes!

Still, new devices can seem a touch tricky, so I thought I’d make this how-to video on how to use the Rapid Clean like a pro…boom!

Push play and clean away!

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All photography and video by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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