Wine crate table

Wine crate coffee table. source:

Connoisseurs will often tell you how a wine is stored is just as important as how it was made. So much so that for centuries now, vintage containers (be they crate or barrel) have not much changed, apparently underlining the adage: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Another possibility is that their durability and multipurpose flexibility shows how they can be readily reused, recycled, and repurposed. We are still taking this ball and running with it (some of us right smack into the middle of a vineyard!), as you’ll see with today’s fabulous and fruitful wine container remakes. Here’s to creative ingenuity!

• Wine Crate coffee table (top photo): divinely constructed of sideways sitting wine crates, this low table has high design and functionality. All it took was a simple staining, added casters and a “happy accident” center hole that creates a surprise feature ready to hold everything from snacks to wine corks.

Towel wine rack.

Towel wine rack. source:

Wine rack towel holder: with so many table top wine rack designs on the market, there was bound to be someone who would envision a new use for them. Sleek and contemporary, this bottle cradler is also a super chic towel holder…guests will certainly be impressed.

Wine barrel stave hammock

Wine barrel stave hammock. source:

Wine barrel stave hammock: a deconstructed wine barrel is then reconstructed into an ergonomically designed stave hammock. Unexpectedly comfortable, the planks have been sanded smoothed and lacquer-sealed to withstand long hours outdoors, where you’ll be napping Napa style.

Yarn storage wine cabinet.

Yarn storage wine cabinet. source:

Yarn storage wine cabinet: found or no longer a priority, this wine cabinet was re-crafted into an attractive yarn organizer. The black paint is the perfect base to allow colors to pop and to search for which ream(s) you want a cinch. 

Flatware wine box

Flatware wine box. source:

Flatware wine box: talk about versatile…a small wine box like this one has built-in character as well as utilitarian possibilities, like storing flatware, crafting and office supplies. Tipped up and mounted, this box can even serve as a mini-shelf…wine not?

How have you remade a wine container?


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