Painted display pumpkin painted teal

Painted for a purpose…pumpkin painted teal to let kids know they won’t have to worry about food allergies from your house. source:

There’s no doubt that we’re seeing all kinds of stylized pumpkins these days. Gourds galore are being intricately carved, adorned and bedazzled with masks, craft materials, googly eyes and glitter, displayed upside-down and sideways, and even simply left au natural.

Crazily carved pumpkins

Crazily carved pumpkins. source:

Crafted pumpkins

Cute crafted pumpkins. Click in for the how-to and free templates. source:

Mummy pumpkin with googly eyes

Mummy pumpkin with googly eyes. Click in for the full how-to! source:

The Teal Pumpkin Project:

But, this year, it seems the decorating medium of choice is paint. AND, more specifically, paint with a purpose. The color? Teal. The purpose? To let trick-or-treaters know that you’ll be giving out food-allergy-safe treats.

Teal pumpkin project by Food allergy Research and Education

Teal pumpkin project by Food allergy Research and Education. source:

Here is the “Teal Pumpkin Pledge”:teal pumpkin pledge image

So…now you know! It’s super easy to paint a pumpkin with craft paint and a brush…that’s it! For more information and different ways to take part in FARE’s “Teal Pumpkin Project”, click in and enjoy!

10 NON-FOOD items you can give away in lieu of candy this Halloween:


1. stickers


2. plastic bugs, spiders or bats (Party City has a big bag of assorted plastic trinkets like this)


3. pencils

4. Pencil toppers

5. erasers

6. bouncy balls

7. temporary tattoos (cool and/or halloween-themed)



8. pennies, nickels and dimes

9. silly straws

10. balloons

EXTRA! Don’t forget their K9 siblings! Hand out a wrapped dog biscuit or treat.

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Now it’s Your Turn!

Would you consider handing out non-food items and displaying a TEAL pumpkin this year? What different kinds of items might you give to trick-or-treaters?

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