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I believe one of the beauties of art is the ability to shed light on new ways of looking at things, especially when they’re fundamentally ordinary. Take the proverbial garden/storage shed that’s often overheated and crammed with soiled and dusty garden and building tools, grass and garden debris, and rusted by weather’s effect. Not necessarily the ideal spot for a work space.

Ahhh, but, alas, it is!

With a splash of paint, some appropriately sized furniture, shelving, and added French doors and windows (oh, and don’t forget the portable/window air conditioner or heater, depending on the season), you can realize a home office space (or, whatever kind that melts your butter) that is fantastically functional and privately situated in your own backyard.

Before & After!

Before: this DiggersList storage shed is ready to be DIY'd! After: A work space that is serene and ready to be used.

Before: this DiggersList storage shed above is ready to be DIY’d! After: A work space that is serene and ready to be used. After source:


(We’ve included links to where you can find them on DiggersList)


French doors







1. Clear out your shed. The best way to transform a space is by simply cleaning it!

2. Add a splash of color. Paint (or removable wallpaper) is by far the easiest way to add decorative value to a room…and it’s the cheapest! Choose a color that will suit the purpose of your new space. For an office or yoga studio, you may want to go with calming dusty lighter shades. For a recording or music studio go bold (if that’s what will inspire you).

3. Install shelving or storage. You don’t have to go over the top…adding even a small bookcase or nightstand will offer you places to put things where they can be organized.

4. Place furniture and accessories. Simple is best in a small area. If you’re using your shed for yoga or mediation, maybe a stool or baskets. Don’t forget the most natural of accessories…plants!

5. Install windows (optional but recommended). Though sheds are small, the magic of natural light will do wonders for your little room. You can choose to keep it open to the elements if you don’t mind the debris, or DIY one or two, or hire a pro.

6. Install French doors (optional but recommended). The best way to have something special in a room is by adding something special to a room (yes, you can tweet that!). In this case, French doors! They not only add light, but architectural pizazz! For emboldened DIYers, you can install a couple, or hire a pro.

7. Remember your heater and/or air conditioner (optional). If your area is prone to extreme weather, this may be a requirement. Luckily, there are many plug-in models today, so investing in a long extension cord could be a great idea. If you’re able to wire your room for electricity…better yet!

Now it’s Your Turn!

How would you use your converted shed?

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