I’ve always been envious of my friend in San Diego who can build the most interesting, unique, and custom-looking lamps. His process is to “hunt” for interesting bases (i.e. bamboo, wood stumps, and even a ukulele), then he usually finds complementary shades and embellishes them (shells, fringe, beading), and finally he’ll magically put it all together in a snap like a cobbler’s elf. Today, we can take a “walk in his shoes” (uh…pun, shamelessly intended) by following the steps in this how-to video by and checking out these really cool examples of lamps for inspiration, to make at home for your home.

For a fraction of the price of the designer version of this lamp (top), and with a little DIYing, you can enjoy the quirky-coolness of this Swedish-style horse lamp. Photo courtesy of

This little gem is just waiting to be made. Who knew coffee grounds could lead to this? Photo courtesy of

Modern, elegant, and rustic antler lamps bring nature indoors. Note: because deer naturally shed off their antlers twice a year, you can enjoy using them for home decor conscience-free. Just be sure to verify with the vendor/shop that the antlers you wish to purchase were naturally shed. Photo courtesy of

This manly man’s lamp is perfect for tipplers alike. After you get “lit up” you can light up! Photo courtesy of

These fantastically cool glass vases transitioned into equally amazing lamps. The possibilities are endless! Photo courtesy of

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