We’ve all heard it from our parents, “Oh, THAT’s back in style, again?!?” as if to say our taste for whatever we were into at the moment had the originality of sliced bread. The challenge is that, according to legendary designer Bunny Williams, “Everything in design is recycled…it’s how we put together what we’ve already seen that makes us unique.” True that, Bunny.

The current hot trend these days, and seemingly a here-to-stay eclectic go-to, is the sexy, earthy, and often quirky color and pattern scheme of the 70’s. Colors like golds, oranges, lime and 7-Up bottle greens are set as the foundation for plaids, stripes, and space-age inspired polka-dots. Shag and animal skin rugs are all the rage with the classic coffee table placed perfectly upon them, creating the kind of hang-out lounge our parents would reminisce about with envy.

Situate a pair of olive green lamps, macrame hung plants (Are we going too far, now?), and a fab satellite-styled light fixture, and you’ve just about designed the decor equivalent of a time machine. Look now, how a few designers “design-upcycled” these 1970’s vintage digs, and as you’ll see, there’s no need for any peanut butter or jelly.

Somehow this works. The gold is earthy and has a deep enough of a color, that the white walls don’t seem to mind. The wall hanging light fixture imitates the vibrancy of the sofa, as it overlooks the literal throw-back of the planters and floor pillows that are quite whimsical and humorous in their affect. The solid hard wood floors lay there with total confidence. Source: via

Aside from the star of the show sofa, the walls and massive beam smacks of Mike Brady’s taste if he were to saddle back up to his drafting table. The genius is in the artwork mimicked in the shag rug…pure perfection.

A gold star goes to the pairing of the Merlot pillows and striped rug that anchor the space. The funky, retro accessories and bare-topped wood chair, with dark chocolate back is magnificent as an audience to the strength of this space. Source: Atelier Chesterfild,

The irony might be lost were it not for the absolute and clearly meaningful symmetry of a style that touts a “go- with-the-flow, man” vibe. Still, the soft lines of the chairs, wrapped in like, circle-strong patterned fabric, is mirrored by the round tray coffee table that calms down the split-image energy.

Your father’s childhood home was most likely brightened up by these lamps – a bit on the nose, but it works in this space somehow. The fun pop of orange on the sofa reminds us to hang loose and enjoy the design trip. Right, on.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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