My Aunt Mim would have loved to have seen this – an itsy-bitsy fairy village nestled against the base of a laurel tree in Manhattan Beach’s “Tree Section”, that would charm the socks off of anyone. And, I just about missed the chance to be bare-footed myself, had it not been for these lawn monsters carrying away the neighborhood gnome!

Lawn monsters carry gnome away

Lawn monsters carry away neighborhood gnome…maybe he’s their hero!?

Of course, it didn’t surprise me that my quirky cousin, Jane would display such a humorous take on the iconic garden elfin effigy, so I looked for some more outdoor decor morsels, then stumbled, and almost tripped over, her next door neighbor’s delicate and delightful tree fairy village!

Tree Fairies of the Tree Section

Tree Fairies of the Tree Section.

What’s so inspiring about this display is both its attention to detail and use of natural environment. There are lots of types of garden fairy kits and one-of-a-kind pieces you can find online – it’s the application and perfect tree that’s the challenge of finding and styling. Interestingly enough, Manhattan Beach has lots of foresty-type trees. No worries if don’t! A little garden or potted plant will do. In fact, you can put a fairy door and all the accoutrements in all kinds of places! Then, who knows…some may just appear…just like an angel in the sky.

Front entrance to fairy tree home

Front entrance to fairy tree home…please knock, before entering!

More fairy tree apartments and garden workbench. Fairies are great DIYers.

More fairy tree apartments and garden workbench. Fairies have wonderfully green thumbs.

Fairy strawberry patch

Fairy strawberry patch – certified organic.

Fairy high rise apartment...luckily, it's rent controlled.

Fairy high rise apartment…luckily, it’s rent controlled.



This post is dedicated to my wonderful Auntie Mimmie-Mouse.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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