My garage workshop before

My garage workshop before…kinda functional, definitely ugly.

Clever headline, right? Well, before I give myself a proverbial pat on the back, I really need to create an actual workable workshop, first. Soooo…

Big inhale…now, exhale…

I’m concerned I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with an entire workshop makeover (well, at least the corner of our garage that has evolved into my work space), but my appetite for organization and functionality is quite motivating.

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I’m guessing this is why you might be procrastinating organizing and revamping your work space. Hmm? Well kids, here are a few TIPS on how to make it happen:

#1. Get inspired!

Look through Pinterest, Google it, ask a friend…whatever it takes to get those creative juices flow’n!

#2. Make a Projects List

Once you know what you want to do, make a list. I won’t seem so crazy to finish. I made mine, then quickly erased about four there’s-no-way-I’ll-actually-finish-those-EVER tasks.

Fewww. Thank God.

#3. Create a Supplies List

Challenge yourself to use whatever scrap wood, leftover paint or other items you’ve had piled up in your garage or shed. Then, add your “to buy” supplies.

#4. Schedule & Do It!

I’m guessing my makeover will take 2-3 weekends. I’m going to enjoy the process, so, since I’m giving myself the time, it’ll be doable and FUN!!!

Now, then…to practice what I just preached, I’ve included below my projects list and some inspiration. I’m also asking y’all, my friends, for some much needed advice.

My Workshop Makeover Projects List:

• Have electrical inspection of garage for fire-hazards and to check power amperage

• Add drawers & shelves for organized storage

• Add peg board for organization and storage

• Install customized lighting for more detailed projects and decorative touches

• Re-do Workbench top – refurbish wood? re-cover with linoleum flooring? cover with new piece of wood?

• Add a wide top shelf for more storage and accessibility

• Build and install “extra-space” folding table

• Add photo paper roll for mini-studio station (I might add this to my “erase” or “to-do-later” list…we’ll see!)


Now I need some inspiration and your thoughts. I’ve included some here. Which workshop do you like best? What about it do you like? Do you have any tips or suggestions?

Workbench and cabinets

Workbench and beautifully stained cabinets. source:

 What I like: the covered storage, painted and organized pegboard, beautifully stained wood (workshops CAN be beautiful!), and the open shelving. Oh, and shop vacs are vital to keeping a tidy work space and there’s often no room to store it. This under-the-cabinet, open floor space is quite handy.

My TOP 3 Takeaways:

• Covered storage

• Space for vac

• Organized and open storage

Woodshop workshop

Wood shop workshop. source:

 What I like: the drawers and cabinets, open shelving, accessible tools, non-wasted space corner for nooks.

My TOP 3 Takeaways:

• Cabinets

• Open shelving for tool storage and accessibility

• nooks

My inspiration - Potting shed and a pegboard with personality

My inspiration – Potting shed and a pegboard with personality. source:

 What I like: EVERYTHING! This is my inspiration! I LOVE the personalized pegboard, simple workbench (table top), closed drawers and the colorful overhead light.

My TOP 3 Takeaways:

• Personalized pegboard

• Simple and clear table top/workbench

• Decor-conscious overhead light

Stay tuned, y’all! I’ll be working like a bee this weekend! Wish me luck and…

What do y’all think?

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