Winter wonderland picnic in Stockholm, Sweden

Winter wonderland picnic in Stockholm, Sweden. source: Amazing things in the world, Facebook page

As many of us around the globe close up shop for the holidays, pack our bags to travel home, and/or light a fire in donned snuggies, it occurred to me that the one thing we may want to take notice of is nature. All around us it is changing – the leaves are falling from their branches, snow is gently drifting to the ground, and the chill is in the air. We often avoid and hunker down in our homes away from this kind of weather.

Why not do the opposite? The image above was taken in Stockholm, Sweden, and depicts a family who has set out a winter wonderland picnic – a wonderful and magical oneness and be-ing with winter. I imagine them bundled up with heavy coats, warm scarves and stocking caps and dry boots that leave large footprints all around them.

The beauty of this scene and bottled good spirits warm their bellies, hearts and souls. Sumptuous food is passed to one another mitten to mitten. They enjoy the white and fluffy blanket of snow and hang lanterns to light up the witnessing trees.

Try it wherever you are, snow or not…it might just change your wintered world.

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