So, the redesign of our living space is coming along quite nicely. The optimal word there is…nice. I want this room in our home to be a bit more aspirational and inspired than that, all the while keeping a masculine/feminine balance, so I’m finding the need to swat away my self-taught, designer fears and just relaaaaaax.

I know my instincts are good, but there’s a man I have to consider as well – my husband, and I’m realizing my inner “creative force” is being interrupted by the worry that a particular decor decision (colors, textures, artwork, accessories) might just be too girlie. Bah. After studying these following rooms, I’ve decided to put down the meshed fly masher and allow my intuitions to take flight.

Boho chic dining room

Boho chic dining room. source:

There’s so many patterns on patterns, textures on textures and color on color here, that this room could read “gender neutral”…but, that’s just my take on it. Men, what do you think? (Okay, the light fixture may take it over the feminine top, but, what man couldn’t use a little glam and softness to ease his “hunter gatherer” day?)

Ecclectic living room

Ecclectic living room. source:

The earth tones of the fabrics and wood furniture pieces mix gorgeously with the sprinkles of color, resulting in a boy/girl happy space.

Masculine room with feminine touch

Masculine room with feminine touch. source: JasmineKyle’s photostream, flickr

This designer definitely has ba**s! The floral pattern of these dining room chairs certainly doesn’t apologize for being as girlie as they come. Still, it works sassily against the chunky, manly wood furniture, mantel and bottles amongst bottles of booze.

Relaxed decor bedroom

Relaxed decor bedroom. source:

This is an equal opportunity bedroom for sure. Note the exposed beams, fabrics, furniture and accessories. The mixture of feminine/masculine is quite natural and easy.

I’m curious, gentlemen readers…would any of these rooms appeal to you? Why or why not?

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