Happy New Year, HomeJellies!

What a year it has been! I want to say THANK YOU to all our HomeJelly readers, for your comments and feedback and keeping me company throughout these past three years (and a special shout-out to those of you who were with me during the DiggersList blog years as well!). I’m so very excited for 2013 and the release of my very first design ebooks (stay tuned!). I invite you to share these projects with friends and family as I write and create them from the heart and with y’all in mind! Have a fantastic, prosperous and loving new year!

So…to start the year off right…here are some FABULOUS New Year’s party decorating ideas!

New Year's party guest accessories

New Year’s party guest accessories. source:

Happy New Year tablescape

Happy New Year tablescape. source:

Happy New Year swag

Happy New Year swag. source:

Chair with clock sash

Chair with clock sash. source:

…and, one “take home” idea to remember the happy and special events we experience all year long!

Memory Jar

Memory Jar…throughout the year, write down any happy, special and/or amazing event or story that you and your family experience all year round. Then, on New Year’s Eve, open and read them aloud to celebrate the positive things of that year. Hurray! Oprah would be proud!

See ya next year!

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