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Forest Teardrop Terrarium

Forest Teardrop Terrarium. source: Groundlings, etsy

Forest Teardrop Terrarium: this DIY kit allows you to purchase and assemble the natural contents of your new, beautifully glass-blown mini terrarium, “air plants”, moss, rocks, and sand. Price: $16.00, available at the Groundlings shop on etsy.

H Potter Square Terrarium

H Potter Square Terrarium. source:

H Potter Square Terrarium: add vintage charm and greenery to your home with this lovely terrarium. The glass lifts off its base for easy care. Price: $45.51, available at the HomeJelly Amazon shop.

Custom glass dome terrarium

Custom glass dome terrarium. source:

Custom Glass Dome Terrarium: artist Hammers Heels makes each terrarium to order, this little gem can also stand is as table decor for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Price: $40-$10,000 depending on the design and number of items you wish to purchase.

Wonder Bubble Terrarium

Wonder Bubble Terrarium. source:

Wonder Bubble Terrarium: grant it, you can actually house a fish in one of these cool contraptions, but why not plants, too! Fish appreciate beauty as will you and the rest of your household when you demonstrate your green thumb expertise (and/or your ichthyolgical talents). Price: $29.00 at

Domsai Matteo "Cibic" Mini Terrarium

Domsai Mini Terrarium. source:

Domsai Mini Terrariums: quirky, fun and out of this world green, you’ll be entertained by your extra-terrarium creature that transforms itself as it grows. Italian artist, Matteo Cibic‘s mini t’s can be purchased for $150.00 a pop at

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