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How to Build a Tree Swing

With summer less than a month away, I thought it might be fun to post this playful and creative DIY project to jump-start this season's garage-enterprising activities. We at DiggersList invite you to share your pictures and/or experiences of projects you've completed.

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DIY Project: Hanger Up Those Holiday Photos

With the new age of smart phones, we're taking pictures and documenting our lives with more abandon and frequency than ever. It's fun to carry around a hand-held photo album of memories, and the ability to share them with others is just a clickity-click away.

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Create A Headbang'n Headboard From Leftover Stuff

With a little inspiration, leftover stuff from around your house, and simple tools and supplies, you can make a headbang'n headboard all your own! Materials like wood pieces (distressed is nice like the one show above),