With the new age of smart phones, we’re taking pictures and documenting our lives with more abandon and frequency than ever. It’s fun to carry around a hand-held photo album of memories, and the ability to share them with others is just a clickity-click away. Still, it would be nice to easily display our pictures in a larger and more artist way…but darn it, framing can be so expensive.

Thanks to full-time mom and part-time thrifter Holly, we have a super-fun and inexpensive solution: wooden pant-photo hangers! Simply print out your photo (or any kind of art, i.e. kid art, posters, record albums…the list is endless!), then slip inside wood slats, clamp shut, and hang. Simple and sensational!

Holiday photo tip: To create a fast and festive holiday change in your home, display past and present photos from parties, pumpkin patch outings, ski trips, etc.

Photo and DIY idea:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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