Janis trench grate, residential

Janis trench grate, residential. source:

“It’s all in the details.” We’ve heard this adage uttered by designers time and time again when it comes to creating something special in a space. I recently discovered these very beautiful and architecturally detailed trench grates by Iron Age Designs, which at the same time educated me on how seemingly simple elements of our home (inside and out) can really pack a big design punch when we give it the attention it deserves. Take the following examples as…well, an example of how we can insert elegant and reinvented grates into our design scheme and come away with cool and attentive results.

Oblio trench grate, residential

Oblio trench grate, residential. source:

Cool and functional, these grates are deceptively chic with an industrial edge that’s timely and timeless. Look around your home’s exterior to see if a retrofitting of its trench covers is in order.

Vintage heating grates

Vintage heating grates. source:

For those of us in early American homes, these heating grates can really be the unique jewelry piece we’re looking for. Styles range from vintage rehabs to modern and vintage reproductions. Select to fit your design and decor vibe for a through-line design story.

Repurposed grates wall art and frames

Repurposed grates wall art and frames. source:

If your home is not-so-old, but you long for a little old world nostalgia, found heating grates repurposed are wonderful to frame out vintage family portraits and photography.

Tree grate with leaf pattern

Tree grate with leaf pattern. source:

Urbanites will appreciate this artistic tree grate that boasts an etched reflection of its encircled tree’s leaves. Think of a tree grate as an arboreal accessory; they’re low maintenance and keep city and tree debris easy to sweep up. Additionally, grates like this one above reduce twisted ankles from unseen roots or sidewalk edges.

Tree grate garden art

Tree grate garden art. source:

A tree grate receives a new purpose and now serves as an artsy garden gate. Large or small, these architectural elements can increase the visual value of any home’s garden or driveway entryway.

Iron grate boot scraper

Iron grate boot scraper. source:

A repurposed cast iron grate boot scraper illustrates how even dirty chores warrant thoughtful design features. Its strong material and design is perfect for this function and maintains a civilized presence at the same time.

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