Mother’s Day…sigh. It’s one of my most favorite “Days” we celebrate during the year. Why? Because I have the BEST one in the world!


Me and mom

Me and Mom, Lois.

So, now that she’s 86 (going on 46!), I thought I’d celebrate her day with a healthy something-something. I also thought I’d offer y’all some fabulous coupons from ChameleonJohn, along with some ideas on health-conscious Mother’s Day gifts you can wrap up for your mom. After all…

…we want them to stick around for a loooooooong time! Right, Momma?

Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

{Outdoor Lounging}

Spring is calling us outdoors. It’s also inviting mom to kick up her feet and enjoy some fresh air! Whether you choose a beautiful outdoor sofa, lounger or, in this case, a fabulously stylish Marimekko Sling Hammock, you’ll be giving her more than just a beautiful piece of lounging furniture. You’ll be giving her a reason to relax. Hammock price: $64.99, available at Target.

Marimekko Sling Hammock - Target

Marimekko Sling Hammock. source:

{Yoga Gear}

Yoga has become a lifestyle. There are yoga pants (try and swing a cat these days at someone NOT wearing a pair!), designer yoga mats, yoga websites and, I recently found this lovely Lotus Paisley Tote Bag. Any one of these items will tell mom she deserves to take care of herself. If she’s never tried yoga, this is the perfect time of year to bring her along, or encourage her to try a class! Namaste. Tote bag price: $19.79, available at Sears.

Lotus Paisley tote Bag - Sears

Lotus Paisley tote Bag. source: NOTE: no cats were harmed during the writing of this blog.

{Soothing Sounds}

There’s nothing like relaxing to the ocean, a rain storm, or a babbling brook to sooth yourself after a long day. I’ve personally picked out this Conair Sound Machine. It’s modern, sleek design will snuggle neatly next to a nightstand lamp or on a family room end table. Cost: $19.99, available at Target.

Conair Sound Machine - Target

Conair Sound Machine. source:

{Healthy Drink Blenders}

Why allow mom to spend an arm and a leg each time she wants a delicious and healthy smoothie, soup or shake? Today, there are lots of options in blenders that not only liquify all kinds of fruits and vegetables, they even crush seeds, an added benefit to making these nutrient-rich beverages and recipes at home. I’ve chosen to feature the Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro Blender that can easily be picked up at Sears. Cost: $89.99.

Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro Blender - Sears

Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro Blender. source:

{Eye Protection}

When it comes to our health, a lot us don’t necessarily think of our eyes. I recently discovered how important eye protection is throughout our lives – my mom just had cataract surgery and must wear sun glasses to keep her new lenses fresh and healthy. No problem! There are many online places to shop now, like Zenni Opticals, and with gift certificates available, along with prescription-filled sunglasses, our moms can look cool and see well into their centenarian years! Glasses featured below, price: $29.95 and $19.95 – $29.95 depending on the style. Prescription glasses are extra.

Bodega glasses - Zenni Optical

Bodega glasses. source:

Inverness glasses - Zenni Optical

Inverness glasses. source:


What’s not to love about a scented candle, soaps, infusers, or aromatic perfumes? You’ll leave a lingering impression on mom as well as a reminder to pamper herself with the gift of aromatherapy. Admittedly, I chose to show y’all the TOCCO Profumo d’Ambiente – Fragrance Reed Diffuser, mostly because of its cute antique-ish bottle. I know my mom would LOVE the take-me-back-in-time charm of it, along with its subtle scent. Price: $48.00 (ships free), available at

TOCCO Profumo d'Ambiente - Fragrance Reed Diffuser. source:

TOCCO Profumo d’Ambiente – Fragrance Reed Diffuser. source:

{Ingredient-Conscious Beauty Products}

I’m all about what I put on my face and body (and, I’m working on what I put INto it now!), and thought I’d offer my mom the chance to experience a beauty treatment at home using ingredients like coconut oil, pomegranate enzymes, and vitamin E that, coincidentally can be found in this Limited Edition: New Naturals beauty box! She’ll look and feel wonderful long after Mom’s Day! Price: $59.00, available at

New Naturals Box. source:

New Naturals Box. source:


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