Room of the Day: Game Room Design That’s Not Playing Around

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Middletown Mainstreet designer game room

Middletown Mainstreet designer game room.

Checkers, Scrabble and chess…games that require only a partner and strategic thinking. So, when I came across this designer game room, I instantly recognized that there were no floor chairs or bean bags, no Xbox controllers and no television! Wow! A game room with no video games? Who knew? I’m actually curious. Would you want a space like this in your home, relegated to low-fi, non-electronic, old school board gaming? We’re talking the kind of design that’s not playing around…a room for serious strategizing with decor that allows you to do so. Tell us what you think: thumbs up or thumbs down? Go on…it’s your turn!

Playful, numbered pillow

Playful, numbered pillow.

Game room table and fun accessories

Game room table and fun accessories.

Middletown Mainstreet designer game room, too.

Middletown Mainstreet designer game room, too.

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