Chartreuse sofa

Chartreuse sofa. source:

There are some colors that are hard to pin down when it comes to describing their exact shade. Chartreuse is one of them. Is it yellow? Green? Green-yellow? Yellow-green? Well, one thing’s for sure, it’s bright, cheery and just a little bit edgy. The perfect combination to create something unique and energetic in your home. Whether your decor approach is daring or slightly trepidatious, there’s all kinds of ways to have a pop of it in your space. Have a look see now at how you might put chartreuse to use.

{Chartreuse sofa (top photo)}: one bold statement piece can really shift the energy and vibe from ho-hum and nothing special, to “Wow! The people who live here are NOT boring!”

Charteuse wallpaper

Charteuse wallpaper. source:

{Chartreuse wallpaper}: with the re-trending of wallpaper, you can paste your pop of color, then, if you like, display mounted decor items or shelving for a focal wall full of movement and interest.

Chartreuse dresser

Chartreuse dresser. source:

{Chartreuse dresser}: leaning close, but not exactly on yellow, an antique dresser gets slightly modernized with a cheeky shade of chartreuse.

Chartreuse bedding

Chartreuse bedding. source:

{Chartreuse bedding}: graphic bedding is a modest way to infuse this unusual color; grey helps to add to its drama and stand-out divaness.

Chartreuse pillow

Chartreuse pillow. source:

{Chartreuse pillow}: the most conservative decorator will feel confident throwing around a colorful pillow like this, upping their venturous factor at least a couple notches.

Chartreuse decorative acorns

Chartreuse decorative acorns. source: Feltjar,

{Chartreuse decorative acorns}: cute and detailed, these acorn sized acorns will display big decor style, their color being a certain scene stealer.

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