Ahhh…coffee. One whiff of those freshly ground little beans sends “happy endorphins” straight to my brain! That’s why, when I came across this gem of a room, or rather, nook, I knew it had to be featured as today’s “Room of the Day”. With the holiday season in full-swing along with the cooling weather, this coffee bar is a perfect self-serve station to warm both the tummies and the cockles of guests’ and family members’ hearts.

To achieve this look, simply find a socially central wall or nook, install some shelving and a cabinet, then set up the electronics and accessories. Have fun with this project and go with your own decor style, like how graphic designer-artist-blogger Carrie from the Vintage Wren did with a beautiful old buffet and this funky, vintage-styled shelving and storage bins. She then placed personal items thoughtfully to enliven the space, like collectable coffee pots and an expressive family initial. Want to include the kids? Add a hot chocolate station with toppings…it might just win over the adults as well. Any which way, this “room” is a winner and will drive all your coffee and chocolate nuts wild.

All photos:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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