On a recent trip to the Long Beach Antique Market, I discovered just how fabulous it is to get out of the internet and into the world of three dimensional people. My mission was to find a Danish mid-century mod, round wooden table with leaves (fewww!), but along the way I discovered these vintage knick-knacks, if you will, that were diamonds in the DIY rough. I made sure to snap off these photos as I knew there was a repurposing story to tell. Sure enough! Read on to learn how found flea market bits and pieces can find a new purpose and home in your home.

Vintage wooden pulley

Vintage wooden pulley. source:

Flea Market find = Vintage wooden pulley.

Repurposed pulley Bradley funnel pendant

Repurposed pulley Bradley funnel pendant. source:

Repurposing idea = Pendant light decorative detailing

This rope and pulley accent adds loads of charm and character, not to mention form and function. Easily interchangeable from that old chain holder and quite inexpensive to do…I’m hooked for sure!

Vintage wooden spindles

Vintage wooden spools. source:

Flea Market find = Vintage wooden spools

Wooden spool artwork and candle holders

Wooden spool artwork and candle holders. source:

 Repurposing Ideas = Wall art and candle holders

Whether you snag these spools of thread from a flea market, garage sale, or your mom’s junk drawer, they certainly have all kinds of possibilities for new life in your space. They infuse just that old world touch and can be color coordinated to fit your decor. Sew fantastic!

Vintage cow tags

Vintage cow tags. source:

Flea Market find = Vintage cow tags

Cow tag rustic decor detailing

Cow tag rustic decor detailing. source:

Repurposing Idea = Cow tag rustic decor detailing

This one mooooves me, as it hits close to home. My family’s dairy farm boasted the best Guernseys in Minnesota, and they were lovingly tagged so that no one mistook them for anyone’s other than ours. These vintage cow tags can also grace our tables this Thanksgiving and pay homage to the beautiful creatures who have provided so many of us with pails of milk, rounds of cheese, and cartons of yogurt.

Vintage drawer pulls

Vintage drawer pulls. source:

Flea Market find = Vintage drawer pulls

Drawer pull hooks

Drawer pull hooks. source: girard312, flickr

Repurposing Idea = Drawer pull hooks

Here is a way to pull a DIY double-duty feat by installing these hooks that are function and stylish. Mount these decorative drawer pulls for easy-to-find keys, glasses, scarves, etc., or leave them empty, as is.

Out of commission license plates

Out of commission license plates. source:

Flea Market find = Out of commission license plates

Repurposed license plate book end

Repurposed license plate book end. source:

Repurposing Idea = License plate book ends

Ya gotta love ingenuity, especially when it’s inspired by a particular need. After installing a new shelf, Clair, a creative DIYer from The Cozy Condo, had novels tumbling over with no support. No worries! She simply bent an out of commission plate she had laying around into a perfectly suitable book end. Plates from every state (and Canada) are easily found and can be a fun and inexpensive feature on your shelves, too. Honk if you like this idea!

How ’bout it HomeJellies?!? What repurposing ideas do you have? Leave a comment below and share the DIY love!

Flea market find photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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