Burlap Coffee Bean Sacks Remade Into Robust Decor

How-To Repurpose / Refurbish

Coffee sack stool. Actually, it’s a potato sack, but burlap is burlap so coffee bags can also be used. Source: tinyglutton.blogspot.com

I was recently asked to dig around the web for some great DIY projects using burlap coffee bean sacks. For those of you who have access to or just love the character and rustic charm of these bags, there are a plethora of repurposing ideas and how-tos. By simply deconstructing them into flattened, usable material, anyone can easily create flavorful furniture and decor that’s also “green” and percolating with charisma.

Coffee sack lampshade. Source: MableDear, etsy.com

Coffee sack lampshade: warm, industrial, and unique. Infuse a touch of masculine with this cool and quirky handmade shade. How-to: blog.houseoffifty.com.

Coffee sack bench. Source: houzz.com

Coffee sack bench: durable, and oh, so interesting. Cover any type of bench with coffee bean branding and place at a table, along a wall, or outdoors. How-to: themotherhuddle.com.

Framed coffee sacks. Source: housingaforest.com

Framed coffee sacks: graphic, bold, and cultural. It’s easy to create alluring art by stretching burlap coffee bags over cardboard and framing it. How-to: housingaforest.com.

Coffee sack headboard. Source: meandjilly.blogspot.com

Coffee sack headboard: elegant and posh. With some DIY moxie and two large coffee sacks, you could make a custom one-of-a-kind bed feature by weekend’s end. How-to: meandjilly.blogspot.com.

Coffee sack ottoman. Source: ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com

Coffee sack ottoman: modern, mobile, and functional. Basic sewing and wood-working skills along with a bold-printed coffee sack is all you need to produce a piece of design candy for your home.

To view another fun, repurposed coffee sack idea, read our previous DIY Design blog and look for photo #4.

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