Oh, the delight of a good fluffy pouf. If you’re not familiar with these decadent decor accessories, they’re basically round or square in shape, soft and cushiony to the tush, and come in all kinds of yummy colors, textures, and materials. After trolling the web, I discovered they’re also quite pricey, so I’ve included a “DIY Pouf” for you crafters out there (I just put it on my projects list as well…stay tuned!)

Though we don’t have kids, Klunkers would certainly claim one of his own for keeps, so we’d most likely need an extra one or two to suffice as additional seating in our home. Because of their size, they can easily be stored away, nestled in a corner, or even be used as furniture like a side table or foot stool. Covered in beautiful textiles and stuffed with bean bag beads, fiber fill, and even down, these stylish-seaters are not only comfortable, they’re also a great way to infuse a pop of color, texture, and whimsy. You might say, they’re…magic.

Bommel Pouf. Source:

{Bommel Pouf}: hand-crafted using 750 pom-poms, there is an elegance and playfulness to this pouf that just exudes “Happy!”(the bird wishes it could nest here, I’m sure of it!).

Rosen Pouf. Source:

{Rosen Pouf}: add elegance and a wow decor moment with this just-picked bouquet of 150 pompoms Rosen pouf, meticulously handmade and mindfully placed in, or outside your home (look…is that a honey badger?).

Slumber Poufs. Source:

{Slumber Pouf}: though these aren’t the classic round or square shape, they’re a modern version of the pouf and are engineered to stretch and reform back to its original shape thanks to the very cool three-dimensional elastic fabric made of Kid Mohair mixed with merino wool.

Seagrass Poufs. Source:

{Seagrass Pouf}: the eclectic home of Amy Butler shows how seagrass poufs can ground a room and add a natural element that is calming and elegant.

DIY Pouf. Source:

{DIY Pouf}: self-claimed “DIYaholic” and blogger, Erika of Retropolitan, knocked offed a high-priced online store’s version of a pouf and created this beauty out of $3 IKEA rugs and bean bag beads. You never know what you can create until you try, right? (Yes, mom, I noticed how she could have lined up the seems and stripes the way you taught me…it was her first time, so I think we can give her a “pass” on this one!).

{Inner Tube Pouf}: ya gotta love a good Norwegian design-simple innovation. Here, an inner tube is wrapped with bright and colorful ribbons creating a fun and completely comfy pouf.

Q. Would you place a “pouf” your home?

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