Vintage suitcase craft storage

Vintage suitcase craft storage. source:

I’m just gonna jump right in and say how happy vintage suitcases make me, especially when they’re repurposed into something practical and stylish enough to show off as a piece of decor. Might you agree? This sweet valise above is too cute and just a little bit functional, uhhhh, huh! With crafting slowly creeping up on my “favorite things to do” list, I believe this supplies case will be a DIY project coming soon! Now, kick up your feet, steep some hot tea, and enjoy the following projects! You can then click on the images for how-to instructions.

Guitar stand

Guitar stand. source:

Uh-err-um-oh…kay! I’m just a little bit speechless and I think my heart just stopped. As a decor nerd guitar player who has found herself playing out and about without the support of a stand, I’m absolutely in love. This oh-so-out-of-this-world, upcycled beauty requires moderate DIY skills which I will be, without a doubt, putting to good use. Umm…does anyone know CPR?

DIY charging station

DIY charging station. source:

As George Takei would say, “Oh Myyyy!” The juxtaposition of vintage meets techno modern in a very hip and portable charging station is just so…HomeJelly! How often have we come across one of these quirky overnight cases in a thrift or Goodwill store, passing it by because of its out-of-style, unappealing qualities (I do recall  Marsha Brady owning one of these!)? Well, I now see this little piece of luggage candy in a whole new light: digitally delightful! My iPhone agrees.

Suitcase bar

Suitcase bar. source:

I just discovered where the trains of Mods and Hipsters have met. There’s no denying the cool-factor and slight irony of this poshly portable potation portmanteau. I’ll be having a pull after my tongue unties.

Picnic/birthday suitcase

Picnic/birthday suitcase. source:

Here’s a fantastic (and very darling) way to give a gift with instant satisfaction. You can now quite literally pack up a picnic or birthday party then use your celebratory suitcase as stylish decor. Now, that’s called multitasking!

Suitcase side table

Suitcase side table. source:

I have a couple of these vintage luggage pieces tucked carefully away in my garage; hand-me-downs from mom who knew I would one day put them to work in some form or fashion. Seeing how quick and easy it is to make this “suitcase side table” gives me DIY butterflies. I think the whistle is just about to blow.

Suitcase bookshelf

Suitcase bookshelf. source:

This bookshelf project gives us no excuses. Worn, scratched and broken suitcases can now return from the Island of Misfit Toys and join us back home as funky and functional storage fun!

For more new ideas for old baggage, take a look at our Vintage Luggage Packs A Big Decor Punch post.

Which one is your favorite? Will you try and DIY a vintage suitcase of your own?

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