I’ve long since bought into succulents, a plant that is both drought-resistant and elegant. During a recent visit to H.D. Buttercup, I discovered these fantastic and repurposed planters that playfully featured these funny-looking greenery and perennials alike. See if any of these ideas inspire you to add reinvented planter decor to your home spaces.

Piano planter and miscelaneous other trinkets

Piano planter and miscellaneous other trinkets.

I love how this would dress up a sun room or back covered patio! Using an old, unrepairable piano as a plant display would also double its repurpose.

Tire planters

Tire planters.

Old tires are great for outdoor or by the tool shed decorating. If the black is too industrial, use outdoor paint to brighten and create a fun pattern. If you want to use as is, try colored chalk and let your kids (or the frustrated artist in you) go nuts!

Repurposed window and container planters.

Repurposed window and container planters.

I could see this idea in a mature garden space. Hang viny plants inside each window pane then stack crates and boxes to secure in place. This will create an instant display case for other greenery and/or accessories that are outdoor friendly.

Bread pan planter

Bread pan planter.

How often have you seen these old bread pans (let alone other baking tins) at garage sales or flea markets!?! Perfect for an indoor herb or succulents garden!

Bird feeder planter

Bird feeder planter.

Okay, so this wasn’t found at H.D. Buttercup, but I did snap this on a walk afterward with Klunkers. I love how my neighbor overflows her bird bath with water-filled succulents. I’m curious if birds ever drink from them?

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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